Birmingham Road Consultation

Following the results of the recent online survey, Create Streets, our built environment design consultants, are meeting with community groups across the district, to better understand resident thoughts.

If you want to contribute you can come into Lichfield District Council House on Frog Lane and in reception there is a dedicated area where you can share your views on the type of development we should be building on the Birmingham Road site, or you can contact Create Streets directly and share your thoughts with them.

Email Create Streets

Results of digital engagement summer 2022

There was a total of 5,747 responses across the general questionnaire and fixed points. We found that:

  • 50.6% of respondents liked their chosen place
  • 39.7% disliked their chosen place
  • 9.7% were neutral

How respondents felt towards their chosen place

The questionnaire

We asked the general question across the whole of Lichfield

  1. How do you feel about this place?
  2. What specifically do you like or dislike about this building or place?
  3. Do you think the look and feel of this place or building is appropriate for the Birmingham Road Site?

We also had asked a series of fixed points with a selection of buildings that represented a cross section of the character of the city

  1. How appropriate do you think this nature of building would be for our Birmingham Road Site?
  2. Why exactly?
  3. Are there any elements of the building that you feel would be appropriate for the Birmingham Road Site?

Ranking the suitability of example buildings

Hotspots: Places people like

  1.  Bird Street
    1. A variety of independent shops “Local food, local people – best place in Lichfield”
    2. The buildings have character. In keeping with the historic “feel” of the place
  2. Minster Pool
    1. A beautiful green space, lined by trees. Benches and accessible
    2. Brickwork
    3. Car park does not distract from the “historic heart” of Lichfield
  3. The Hub at St. Mary’s
    1. Inside is a stunning mix of comtemporary meets historic
    2. A well-used and loved community gathering place
    3. Has character and independent retailers
Quote snapshots

“The Premier Inn building looks like it’s tried to fit in but it’s actually awful”

“I like the trees lining the path and benches. Green space is important.”

“Our bus station is basic and unwelcoming. I believe that it should be a priority to create a high quality transport interchange to encourage people onto public transport.”

“Monks Close should never have been built next to the beautiful Friary building, which needs preserving and using. Looks like student accommodation.”

“We need a great entry to Lichfield from the train station, a square and some equipment.”