Lichfield City Centre masterplan and design code

The developments that we build impact our future heritage, the success of our local economy and the safety and wellbeing of residents and visitors. It is vital that we get the buildings we erect right.

Lichfield District Council is creating a Lichfield City Centre Masterplan which will identify the key projects we are committed to delivering by 2026.

The masterplan will be updated every year to ensure that targets are being achieved and that the plans and priorities remain relevant to the evolution of Lichfield District as a destination location.

In addition to the masterplan, we are also co-designing the Local Design Code with residents and businesses to develop and agree the standards, quality and style framework that all new developments must comply with to ensure consistency and preservation of the heritage of the area. Implementation of the masterplan will take place over a number of years.

Alongside these developments will be the evolution of several strategies that will provide guidance for investment and may propose other projects to be brought forward. These will focus on public realm, car parking, connectivity, tourism, green infrastructure and residential studies.