Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

As we receive questions about this new leisure facility, we will provide latest responses via this Frequently Asked Questions page.

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Did you consider alternative options?

Yes we did. Stychbrook Park has several advantages as a site for a leisure centre, whereas the other sites reviewed each present issues that would make development more difficult as follows:

Birmingham Road
  • Conservation Area
  • Nearby heritage buildings
  • Not suitable size – location of site would restrict construction
  • Loss of deliverables from City Centre Masterplan – a leisure centre would likely take up the entire site.
Stowe Fields
  • Flood risk
  • Conservation Area
  • Not a suitable size – leisure centre would take up most of open space.
Shortbutts Park
  • Poor vehicle access
  • Restricted visibility
  • Tree loss
  • Loss of public open space
Saddlers Wood
  • Not suitable size – would lose more than half the non-wooded site
  • Nearby woodland would create operational challenges.
Leomansley Park (A51 pitches)
  • Green Belt area
Darnford Park
  • Poor vehicle access
  • Significant trees loss
  • Site layout would push construction too close to housing.
Beacon Park
  • Green Belt area
  • Historic flagship park


Why not build the leisure centre on the derelict Birmingham Road site?

Some of the challenges with using that site such as its small size, and conservation area location have been detailed previously in the Key Facts section above. The Lichfield City Centre Masterplan is being developed and will consider the best use for that site.

What will the new centre cost?

Based on our initial plans for the new leisure centre and the mix of facilities it will contain we estimate that cost will be around £10 million.

Who is paying for the new centre?

Lichfield District Council has set aside £10 million to fund the new leisure centre.

Will the outside pitch have floodlights?

The 3G football pitch will have floodlights. As part of the planning process we will consider the impact on houses surrounding the new leisure centre that may be affected.

Will the outside pitch be fenced off?

The 3G football pitch at the new leisure centre will be fenced and floodlit.

Will building on Stychbrook Park have negative impacts?

Local concerns include the loss of green space, traffic issues on already busy roads and issues for neighbouring houses with potential noise pollution, light pollution and traffic congestion.

All of these aspects will be dealt with through the planning process, which includes consultation with local residents and statutory consultees.