District Council House

Lichfield District Council is committed to making the best use of all assets for the benefit of the people of Lichfield District.

Following a full review in 2021 it was recognised that Lichfield District Council House (LDCH) on Frog Lane offered substantial opportunity for space optimisation with the aim of generating an income from it from through rented offices and business incubator facilities.

The program of works was launched in 2022 and will complete in 2023.

The objectives of the works are to create a welcoming, safe office space and reception area for visitors, build a vibrant business community and generate consistent income from new tenants that will ultimately deliver a council house at a net cost of £zero for the people of Lichfield District. Any savings can be redirected to other essential services that will be prioritised based on the recent surveys that residents have completed.

2022 works undertaken

A review of the space available in LDCH was undertaken and it was recognised that the council staff could be accommodated in only 20% of the space available. The offices were tired, unappealing and some areas were not suitable for working in.

Phase 1 of the works saw council offices on both the ground and first floors being refurbished, the reception decorated and new furniture installed and the doors were opened again following Covid lockdown in the summer.

In addition, a new café was opened on the ground floor and we look forward to a new management taking this over in the new year.

Eight new private offices were refurbished, and now new tenants are occupying each of these paying a commercial rent to the council.

2023 works scheduled

In early 2023 the NHS moved into the offices from Venture House. Venture House is being sold to a private company for development into serviced office space.

Business incubator space and three additional new offices in LDCH have also been launched for private tenants, and interest and lettings have been positive.

Phase 3 is due to be completed before the summer will see further refurbishment of ten more offices for private tenants – a number are already under agreement.

There are other works planned to make the best use of the assets that the council owns and to deliver the best value for money for the people of Lichfield District and we will share more details as they become available.