Burntwood Town Deal

We have joined forces with Burntwood Town Council and Staffordshire County Council to agree to work together to improve the Burntwood’s shopping potential, health services and transport infrastructure.

We jointly developed an agreement called the Burntwood Town Deal, which pulls together ideas and projects already under discussion to ensure a joint approach.

Key priorities include but are not limited to enabling:

  • A town centre development which improves the town’s retail offer.
  • Improved health facilities.
  • Getting the appropriate housing mix for the town that allows older people to keep their independence and family sized properties to be better utilised.
  • Better transport links.
  • Exploiting the opportunities for leisure, health improvement, tourism and businesses presented by the proximity of Chasewater.

We have secured UKSPF funding to deliver important community projects as part of the Burntwood Town Deal, which are set to kick off in 2023.

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