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8 February 2023 update

Delta Simons are carrying out Ground Investigations at BRS to provide information on the current environmental and geotechnical conditions below ground.

These investigations identify potential contamination or issues with the stability of the ground and offer solutions to allow the safe redevelopment of the site.

These investigations have required several Trial Pits, which are shallow excavations across an area, that provide access to the ground so that the conditions of the ground can be measured and to enable soil samples for testing.

Boreholes have been installed using two techniques:

All excavation points are carefully created and reinstated which leaves very little disturbance or risk and is only noticeable on the day of activity.

It’s likely that Delta Simons will be needed over a number of stages: as the development plan is finalised and also where any areas of concern are identified during the initial works which may require further investigation.

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